Automatic Welders



The ASTRO are used anywhere all over the world. They weld up to five meters per minute. Its robust design and easy handling make it the perfect workhorse.

  • High welding capacity.
  • Digital display of temperature, velocity and mains voltage.
  • Stepless adjustment of welding pressure.
  • Closed-loop control of temperature and drive.




  • Lightweight and compact.
  • Digital display of temperature and velocity.
  • Closed loop control of temperature and drive.
  • Easy and user friendly.

This compact heavy-duty welding machine is in use worldwide. The small powerhouse is specially designed for the demands of landfills sites, mines and tunnels.



  • High welding speed
  • Process-optimized nozzle
  • Maintenance-free, brushless blower
  • Intuitive operation and simple handling

For rapid economical strip welding of truck covers and industrial curtains. Very fast strip welder at up to 20 meters per minute.


  • Irrigating all the colors of nature