• Lightweight and compact
  • Powerful
  • Serves as a mobile air supply for the DIODE PID / DIODE S and LABOR S
  • Suitable for work on construction sites

Don’t be deceived by the MINOR’s small size and low weight. This blower delivers sufficient air to enable quality work with the DIODE PID / DIODE S or LABOR S.






  • High-performance, compact design
  • Sound-suppression
  • Can be integrated at any position
  • Can be used as an external air supply to 1 WELDING PEN R or up to max. 3 DIODE S / PID or max. 3 LABOR S (with 107.281 hose adapter)

Versatile and operable at high ambient temperatures of up to 60 °C. Despite its small size, the ROBUST is a real powerhouse. This blower can simultaneously supply air for up to three hot-air hand tools.


  • Irrigating all the colors of nature