Multilayer reinforced anti UV anti-algae Hose Pipe
braided hose with high thickness
24 Bar Working pressure

Flexible PVC hose with 5 layers and high tenacity reinforcement in polyester thread.
Good resistance to pressure and good flexibility even at low temp.

Sprizzy (Irrigation & Rain Irrigation)
Extremely Flexible three canal micro pierced sprinkler Hose
SPRIZZY, three channels lay flat hose with micro perforation complete with plastic fittings for connection. Guarantees uniform rainy irrigation and can be used as sprayer or soaking. Advised working pressure: 4 BAR
Ideal for Kitchen gardens, flowerbeds, Garden Borders and grass strips

Water saving up to 70%
The porous hose allow uniform water transpiration without spray. For underground or surface use is suitable for local irrigation allowing high water saving in comparison with the traditional irrigation systems.
6 Bar Working Pressure

  • Irrigating all the colors of nature