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Irrigation/Plumbing products supplies
We supply high quality, fair priced PVC pipes and PVC fittings, Pop up sprinklers , Water storage and reservoirs construction, Dam lining material and dam construction, filtration systems, greenhouse construction and materials and other irrigation accessories. Our irrigation solutions include:
• Drip irrigation systems
• Over head irrigation systems
• Lawn irrigation systems
• Greenhouse misting systems
• Reservoir liners
• Greenhouses construction
• Propagation heating and misting systems
• We also undertake turn-key irrigation and greenhouse projects
• Water silos
• Distribution and Reticulation design and supplies/Installation

Renewable energy Solutions
Our wide range of renewable energy solutions will offer you lasting and reliable solutions to all your energy needs. From supply of solar panels , Charge controllers, Batteries, Inverters and solar electrical equipment to fitting and installations.

System Design and Installation
Our inhouse design team is dedicated to offer you cost effective solutions for all your irrigation and plumbing needs. The team works directly with our oprofessional construction and installation team in ensuring that you get the best systems and reliable constructions.

  • Irrigating all the colors of nature