Testing Instruments

Air Pressure Test manometer



  • Easy and precise seam testing
  • High security due to hand and needle protection
  • Practical storage case

The reliable and handy air pressure test manometer from Leister is the perfect solution for testing the integrity of dual track seams with test channel. It is suitable on construction sites for civil engineering, tunneling and landfills. The revised model is now even more secure – in terms of the daily use and for the detection of leaks.





  • Robust design, tried and tested on building sites
  • Extra long lever for ergonomic and efficient handling
  • Extensive scope of supply

The Leister COUPON CUTTER is a weld test punch proven on building sites for peel, shear and tensile testing. It is ideal in combination with one of the two tensile test tools EXAMO 300 USB or EXAMO 600 USB. That gives you perfect control over the quality of the welded membrane liners at all times. The strong leverage eff ect ensures easy handling and perfect cutting results.





The VACUUM BOX produces a vacuum, generated by air pressure from the VACUUM PUMP. It is placed on a double overlap welding seam for proving its tightness.


  • Irrigating all the colors of nature