Welding Machines



  • Flexibility – modularly constructed drive rollers can be switched very quickly, an arm variation that can be folded away and innumerable variations of nozzles and welding wheels.
  • Differential in the upper roller prevents folds from forming and enables compact and good-looking welds along curves.
  • Very strong and smooth step motors
  • Test programs to find the ideal welding parameters
  • Very good access and view during welding or tape welding

The digital technology of the Leister SEAMTEK 36 gives you the only certainty that every seam is as good as possible. From beginning to end, every step of the welding process is digitally controlled for optimal accuracy and seam integrity. Unbeatable flexibility: switch between three arm variations and innumerable nozzles as well as roller variants depending on your need in the shortest amount of time.

  • Irrigating all the colors of nature